Femme By Yele


About The Collection

From the desk of Creative Director, Omoyele Ogundipe

Wanderlust – “ a strong desire to travel and explore the world”

Life is indeed a journey of self discovery with an underlying theme of romance. As humans we desire to explore, we seek to find out what is outside our natural habitat… discover new cultures, food and lifestyles, regardless of our social economic classes, we are all bound by this innate desire for change. 

The Wanderlust collection explores our desire to explore life, listening to our gut instincts that affirms that we were created for more than our present state and more importantly mirroring this change through our personal style. If life is an adventure, then fashion should be one too! 

The Femme Woman has always been the heart of the brand and she is the focal point of the inspiration for this collection. She is the epitome of the word ‘wanderlust’. She readily embodies this strong desire for change, always ready to try out new things and experiences, refusing to be confined by societal pressures, unapologetically living by her own rules and changing the narrative for women. 

From an executive boardroom meeting to a night out with friends, the importance of designing fluid beautiful garments which transition with the very busy; ever-changing lives of the modern femme woman was the core whilst designing Wanderlust. 

From a design perspective, the Wanderlust collection explores the concept of juxtaposition with color block themes, alternate fabric textures and androgynous style, celebrating the femininity in all her glory with flattering silhouettes, subtle volumes, flowy drapery and bold suits that are reworked to fit the femininity of the modern woman. 

The color palette of the collection is a combination of neutrals and warm sunset hues of beige, golden brown, rich rosewood and cinnamon pink contrasted against electric magenta, warm yellow and clear water blue. 

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