Spring/Summer 2018 Trend Report

The dust from the fashion months has finally settled and we’ve had the time to do our research and its time for us to start plotting our looks that will break the internet and not necessarily the bank. Let’s face it, it’s never too early to start that wish-list. So, what did we learn from the NY/London/Milan/Paris/Lagos Fashion Week whirl?

After a really depressing year for politics and quite frankly, just about everything else, designers have reacted in the only way they know how. With uplifting, colorful, joyous clothes that took us off into another universe.

The spring/summer 2018 fashion trends are filled with the bright, the bold and the beautiful and it neatly tied up a few notions we’d been jotting down: Color is key (whether bold or pastel), There’s a prettier, softer mood in the air, and anyone who likes to dress up will be thrilled. The message: the outlook might be a little gloomy right now, but at least we can dress ourselves happy.

From colors to prints, key pieces to new details, here are the top four trends reported to take over your wardrobe this spring!

Live in Color

Neutral colors?  Where they do that at? This Spring, it will be all about bright colors. Jewel tones, bold clashes, pastels — name your palette, and there’s a good chance it was on the Spring ’18 runway. Shop the Live In Color trend below.

Tinky Shift

Emerald Green

Tito Set


Rib Bodycon Dress


Omasan Jumpsuit


Sheer Persuasion

One of the spring’s hottest trends on the runways is to barely wear any clothing at all. The outline of your underwear was once a thing to be disguised but this season, the trend calls for sheer and delicate pieces that leave little to the imagination. The trend is anything but basic–but the beauty of it is its ability to look effortlessly stylish.From light nets and lace to organza fabrics, we saw sheer in a whole new light and we can’t wait to embrace this trend ourselves!

Most women opt out of wearing sheer as they fear that they’ll end up showing too much skin. Overexposure and accidental nip-slips aren’t quite what we’re looking for during meetings with the big boss. But, if styled wisely, it can look as work-appropriate or casual as you like it. Luckily, we have listed chic pieces that are perfect to give the sheer trend a go. We especially love the Noyo top and Kone Top from Ilare that would make for a perfect versatile sheer piece that can be casual number to wear over your skinny jeans or corporate to wear over classic tailored pants (see Thalia pants here). Shop the Sheer Persuasion trend below.

Lace Tunic


Roksanda Dress

Baby Pink

Jugho Skirt

Baby Pink

Kone Top


Modern Romance

This season, designers celebrated the female form by channeling the ultra feminine mood. This trend extends from the colors palettes, which saw pinks and neutral hues to reworked ruffles, floating feathers and frills, luxurious lace and other dreamy details. Embrace the super-femme style of the romantic movement with glamorous yet comfortable gowns and dresses.High necklines, delicate ruffles, old English sleeves, sheer fabrics are the key elements of the trend.

The modern romance trend is a mix of spice, seduction, glamour and sensuality all blended into one. However, when experimenting with this hyper-feminine aesthetic, moderation is key. Whether it’s a dress, a jacket, or a top, you need only one statement piece or pattern for maximum impact. There’s no need for a necklace or intense makeup; accessories should be stark and nails pretty and pale. Add a little spring to your step with strappy sandals or pastel platforms.

Hence, it is safe to say that the revival of the ‘pretty girl’ look is officially well under way with romance and this trend can definitely be for everyone. Shop the Modern Romance trend below.

Statement Bags

If you have been looking through various fashion media and retailers this spring, you’re probably thinking what we are thinking: a lot of designers are going for it. You know? Bright, embellished, in-your-face statement bagsare popping up left and right. Today’s shoppers are searching for bags that feel suited to their personalities without necessarily being personalized with their initials or some other customization, and this spring, they’ll have more options than ever.

We can always count on a designer bag to instantly elevate our mood. The hang-up? They’re quite the investment and one we can only make every now and again. Which begs the question: How to decide on a bag worth investing in? To start, we say go with your gut and stay true to your personal style. Also, make sure your investment is one you’ll be excited to wear repeatedly and that will stand out whether you’re dressing up or down. Shop the Statement Bag  trend below.

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