Femme By Yele

About Us


moyele Ogundipe, is the founder and creative director of Femme by Yele aka FBY, a company she originally founded in 2010. A Nigerian, she has acquired relevant personal and professional experience in the areas of fashion retail and media over the years.

Her career kicked officially as a styling assistant with Nigeria’s foremost Fashion Stylist and Creative director, Bolaji Animashaun. Although, her entrepreneurial journey didn’t start un l 2012 when she made the decision to start her own blog which focused on fashion, style and women empowerment. She quickly garnered a lot of features and television appearances (Complete Fashion Magazine, 360nobs and EbonyLife TV) due to the success of her blog and emergence as a fashion influencer and a style star. Today, she currently boasts of over 100,000 views from all over the continent and thousands of followers on social media.

She later secured a highly coveted job in retail and marketing at Nigeria’s foremost luxury concept store, Alara Lagos. This is where her interest in fashion retail peaked as she learnt about the structure and the operational aspects of running a fashion retail business.

Also an Alumni of London College of Fashion and Istituto Marangoni Milano – where she bagged a master’s degree in fashion and luxury brand management, she has gained relevant knowledge and expertise working on various projects with brands like Pantone, Lormar and Piaget.

Omoyele is a young, passionate and intelligent woman. The modern-day definition of a creative visionary possessing all the attributes required to bring her vision for FBY to fruition as the CEO.

“My mission with Femme By Yele is to provide these women with the best quality and style of products that make them feel comfortable, sexy, empowered, proud and most importantly, themselves.”


It was a regular day in my sophomore year when a friend of mine and I decided to stage a fashion show in Lagos during the summer holiday. We were both in love with fashion and we were desperate to tell the world just how obsessed with were with dressing women. I knew then that I had to come up with a brand name that truly represented my ideas. After much thought, I realized the word ‘feminine’ was constantly popping up in my head and so I got creative. I translated the word to French and behold, the brand ‘Femme By Yele’ was born in a dorm room in the year 2010.

Fast forward a couple of years later, after working as a retail associate at a high-end retail store, I became highly interested in fashion retail which led to the relaunch or shall I say formal of Femme By Yele in July 2017. This time, we emerged as an ecommerce platform retailing women’s wear designers from the all over the globe. However, after a year in the business, I started to feel like we were made for more.  All these years, I had never lost my passion for designing clothes. It was a fire that was still burning bright in my life and I decided to take the business in a different direction and design our own line of clothes.

Creating clothes for women has always been a dream. However, doing so in a generation where we have the most beautiful, intelligent, independent and powerful women has been a plus. These women, their bodies, their lifestyle along with being the epitome of the FBY lady myself, will always remain the core inspiration behind the clothes we create.

My mission with Femme By Yele is to provide these women with the best quality and style of products that make them feel comfortable, sexy, empowered, proud and most importantly, themselves. When I dress up and I look good, it makes me feel great. It makes me feel like I can get whatever and whoever I want, like… I’m in charge and it is this exact feeling I want to evoke in every single woman that wears one of our designs.

The space that my team and I have built specially for women is not just a place to shop but a place where you can discover new ideas, exchange thoughts and foster one another’s growth. With an uncompromising commitment to delivering innovative products and experiences, Femme By Yele is the perfect fusion of true service, great quality, affordable style and an unmatched passion for womanhood.