Femme By Yele

The Letter

To our ladies,

It’s been such a long wait and I first of all want to thank you for being so patient and sticking with us through this time. We have spent the last months researching and reworking a lot of ideas for the betterment of our service to you and we are finally glad to present you with something so exciting!

A year ago, Femme By Yele started as a platform that offered a diverse range of contemporary womenswear designers. There were great moments and the not-so-great experiences but one thing was clear to me after a while. We wanted and needed a new direction for the business. We realised that there are moments when you will have to forget your past to build your future. Sadly, at some point all good things must come to end. However, as we say goodbye to the old, we are ushering in the new.

Designing and developing our own clothing line has always been THE dream. I always knew Femme By Yele would end up in this direction someday and I knew it was just a matter of time. So, when the opportunity presented itself, we spared no effort in putting together our very first drop. After much work, I truly believe we have created a brand and also products that women all over the world; slim, thick, tall, short, light skinned, dark skinned – will identify with.

Although our business has now changed, our values as a company remain the same. Our dedication to you, our customers will forever remain unmatched. We will continue to offer you the best of great quality and great style. Most importantly, we will continue to do all of the aforementioned with passion in our hearts while empowering and motivating women along the way.

With all that being said, I cannot wait for you to experience all the new-new we have prepared just for you. It’s an entirely new web and product experience. The best news is it’s also coming sooner than you think so stay ready! I know you will love every piece just as much I do. Thank you again for riding this through with us.

With love,
From ‘Yele